Beauty Tips
So you think you know your skin?

1. You know how old you are, but how old does your skin look?

2. When you look in the mirror. Do you see any lines?

3. Pinch your cheeks, how fast do they bounce back?

4. When was the last time your skin felt silky soft?

5. Do you have blemishes, breakouts?

6. Is your PH balanced?

7. Does your skin feel tight after cleansing?

8. Looking at your eyes, can you see your eyelids

9. Is your skin eating healthy? Do you have a skincare regime that works for you?

10. Here’s a laugh…those aren’t laugh lines they’re wrinkles

Skin Analysis... Your 1st Step

Prevention is always better than a cure, but if your skin analysis does show damage to your skin, in many cases it is reversible with various treatments.

What’s important about skin analysis is that it gives you a clear picture of the current state of your skin, from which a treatment plan can be made. This allows people to take control of their skin care in the right way, and by detecting any possible issues early, can reduce the amount of treatments that might be needed.

We have the latest technology designed to achieve this through:

Enhancing the skin's ability to respond, by cleaning and toning.

Correction of skin disorders and problems, and to restore visible purity to the skin surface.

Stimulation by restoring the skin’s elasticity, enhancing the production of collagen, replacing old damaged cells.

Moisturising when the skin is dry so that skin health and fitness can be restored and kept hydrated.

Prevention of sun damage using a specially created sunscreen.

Maintenance is a personalised regime to keep your skin in a healthy state after correction and stimulation has been achieved and is the best way keep your skin looking and feeling its best!